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Readers Respond: Best Food Trucks & Carts in San Francisco

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The San Francisco Bay Area has about 150 food trucks and food carts that peddle nouveau street food, everything from Asian-Latino fusion fare to key lime cupcakes. Several mobile vendors have fans who've sent them love letters or requests to cater their birthday parties or weddings. Which food trucks or food carts do you think are the best, and what are your favorites on their menus?

Nice Overview

Personally, I'd include Hapa SF since I think they make a very nice chicken adobo (with great ingredients) and they make lumpia that have a unique texture and are very delicious. Makes me want to hunt them down tonight but I won't need to since I can probably find them at Off the Grid... http://hapasf.com/

Food Truck Frenzy

I still need to make it up to SF to chase down more of those trucks, especially the Spencer to Go one, recently featured on "The Great Food Truck Race.'' Escargot lollipops? Put me down for half a dozen of them! ;)
—Guest Carolyn Jung

what's in a name?

the names are almost as attractive as the food descriptions! yeah.
—Guest Ala

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