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Treasure Island Flea Market


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Treasure Island Flea Market
Treasure Island Flea Market

Vintage ties and old tins are among the finds at the Treasure Island flea market.

Treasure Island, that chunk of landfill that we pass on our way between San Francisco and the East Bay, has treasures awaiting. Like true treasures, these require a bit of hunting, scouring and sifting, because they are burrowed in the Treasure Island Flea, one of the San Francisco Bay Area's newest and most scenic spots to shop.

Although its official name oddly omits it, Treasure Island Flea is a market--an open-air array of jewelry, clothes, antiques, art works, dishes, plants, accessories, linen and knick-knacks which is offered monthly from spring through fall. The wares are laid out on tables and in booths and tents that form disciplined aisles on a stretch of pavement with killer views of San Francisco. Compared to the sprawls that are the Alemany, Oakland Coliseum and San Jose markets, this is a flea market for novices, non-shoppers and neat-freaks.

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