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From global brands to locally designed fare, splurges to bargains and housewares to haircuts, check here to find the items and services you’re looking for.

Best Chocolate in San Francisco
San Francisco is a chocoholic's dream. Here's a guide to the city's best chocolate, created by local chocolate manufacturers and chocolatiers.

Valentine's Day Gifts from San Francisco
For Valentine's Day, don't settle for buying your sweethearts mass-produced gifts from national chains. Creative San Francisco has lots of original options for chocolate, sweet treats and non-edible items, all made in the Bay Area.

San Francisco Christmas and Holiday Gift Ideas
A holiday gift guide for San Franciscans, with ideas for special, personalized gifts that help the local economy, support good causes, are locally made, and don't require a trip to the mall.

San Francisco Food and Foodie Gifts
A guide to San Francisco food and foodie gifts, including cookbooks by Bay Area chefs, specialty food items, cooking classes and tasting sessions.

Thanksgiving Turkeys & Holiday Cuts from San Francisco’s Best Butchers
Find Thanksgiving turkeys, turduckens, and other holiday menu ingredients--along with expertise and personalized service--at San Francisco's best independent butcher shops.

The Scoop - The Best Ice Cream in San Francisco
San Francisco isn t vanilla, and thank goodness neither is its ice cream. Here, artisanal food is considered practically a birthright, so Baskin Robbins won t suffice. And given San Francisco s mild winters and Indian summers, ice cream is a year-round staple. The result: The city is dotted with specialty shops dishing up scoops of fresh,...

San Francisco Civic Center Farmers' Market Serves Tenderloin Three Days a Week
The farmers' market at San Francisco's Civic Center is now open on Fridays, Sundays and Wednesdays, offering a wide array of produce, low prices, a community-service mission and a down-to-earth vibe.

Yoga Room at SFO - Open for Travelers in Terminal 2
SFO has opened the first yoga room in any airport in the world, an oasis in the bustling, bright terminal. The San Francisco International Airport is a pioneer on several other fronts, too, and has many attractions and services that you might not know about.

Mother's Day in San Francisco
Events and ideas for celebrating Mother's Day in San Francisco, including brunches, concerts, performances, cruises and comedy.

Made in San Francisco Gifts
Get your holiday shopping done and help the local economy by picking San Francisco gifts--gifts made in San Francisco. Clothing, bags, accessories, chocolate and coffee are some of the locally made goods that are widely available.

Treasure Island Flea Market
The Treasure Island flea market makes the landfill-island one of the Bay Area's newest and most scenic places to shop.

San Francisco's Smitten Ice Cream
Smitten Ice Cream uses liquid nitrogen and molecular gastronomy to churn out possibly the creamiest ice cream in San Francisco, in popular and startling flavors.

Independent Bookstores
Though squeezed by chains like Barnes & Noble and online sellers like Amazon.com, SF still has several scrappy independent bookstores.

SFMade Week: Find Local Companies & Made-in-SF Products
Businesses that are making it in San Francisco--i.e., manufacturing things and thriving--are the focus of SFMade Week, May 6-12, 2013. Behind-the-scenes tours and hands-on building are being offered.

Sex Toys from SoMa - San Francisco Company Makes Chic Vibrators
San Francisco has home-grown manufacturers that produce things like beer, mattresses, gourmet chocolate, messenger bags, bikes and clothing. One company in particular, though, is creating a lot of buzz: Crave, which makes stylish vibrators.

San Francisco Bags - Locally Made Custom Bags
Bag shopping in San Francisco is relatively easy, with three local companies--Chrome, Rickshaw Bags and Timbuk2--producing messenger and laptop bags. Besides off-the-rack, pre-made ones, they also offer custom bags.

Shopping Guide to SF
Find everything from designer boutiques and department stores to outlet malls and thrift shops in the city.

SF Farmers' Markets
Find freshly picked produce every day of the week at the Bay Area's farmers' markets.

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