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Herons Head Park


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Herons Head Park - Bayview Hunters Point
herons head park

Sign at Heron's Head Park (click for larger image)

Photo © Ingrid Taylar

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Heron's Head Park

Location: Bayview Hunters Point

Heron's Head Park -- so named for its shape as seen from the air -- is a story of reclamation success. Opened in 1999 at the location of Pier 98, Heron's Head Park was developed as a community open space for local residents -- and as an intertidal marsh area for migrating birds. The park brought volunteers together to remove invasive plants, maintain the trail and the grounds, and install native plants on the 25-acre grounds.

The park is a sanctuary on San Francisco Bay -- an often windy outcropping with a trail that takes you past wetlands and through native shrub on walk that juts out into the water.

The greatest wildlife draw of Heron's Head Park is its status as a stopover point for birds on the Pacific Flyway. Especially in the winter, you'll be able to see a number of migrating birds. Species include snowy egrets, great blue herons, cormorants, and a variety of sandpipers and shorebirds that inhabit our shores through the colder months. (See Winter Birding on San Francisco Bay for additional spots to view Pacific Flyway migrating birds.

In May of 2008, there was a ground breaking ceremony at Heron's Head Park for a new EcoCenter that will be a green and energy-independent environmental education facility. Laurie Shoeman maintains a blog, posting updates on the progress of the EcoCenter.

Heron's Head Park Location

At the end of Cargo Way
San Francisco, CA
See Heron's Head Park on San Francisco Parks Map

Note: Areas like Heron's Head Park are sensitive bird habitats. Harassing birds in any way violates the Migratory Bird Act and carries steep fines. Please be respectful of all birds and wildlife -- give them adequate space.

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