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California Pelicans

Brown Pelicans and American White Pelicans


Brown Pelicans

A gallery of both Brown Pelicans and American White Pelicans, taken around the Bay Area. The pelican appearances are seasonal. Birds move from Mexico up to Washington State depending on the time of year and breeding season. Fall and winter are usually times when Brown Pelicans are plentiful here.

In late 2008 and early 2009, a number of sick pelicans began showing up along the California coast, disoriented, in poor health, starving, and some with frostbite. You can read about that particular pelican situation here.

Additional information: Brown Pelican Facts

American White Pelicans

American White Pelicans are generally found in the Bay Area in the fall and winter. In flight, you'll notice the black wing tips.

Submit Pelican Photos

If you have pelican photos, you can submit them for consideration in this gallery. Check out the submission guidelines for more information.

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brown pelican san francisco bayBrown Pelican Swimmingbrown pelican in flightBrown Pelican in Flightimmature brown pelicanImmature Brown Pelicanbrown pelicansBrown Pelicans at Rest
brown pelicansBrown Pelicans Scavengingbrown pelican cormorantPelican and CormorantAmerican White PelicanWhite Pelican ReflectionAmerican White Pelicans FlyingWhite Pelican in Flight
American White PelicanWhite Pelican PreeningAmerican White Pelicans FlyingAmerican White Pelicans
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