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Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco


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Weather on the Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge from China Beach

Golden Gate Bridge From China Beach

Photo © Ingrid Taylar

Weather on the Bridge

San Francisco weather is often difficult to gauge. You can be walking around in a sweat, carrying the extra layers you never use. Or you can be cursing the moment you chose to leave the house or hotel on a sunny day without a sweater or jacket.

As a general rule, dress in layers -- even more important on the Golden Gate Bridge where its height and proximity to open ocean can make for some brisk winds and quickly changing conditions (sun to fog, for instance).

Golden Gate Bridge Closures

It is rare for winds to be so strong that traffic or access to the bridge is affected. The Golden Gate Bridge has only been closed three times since its inaugural day in 1937.

Previous Bridge Closures:

  • December 1, 1961 - Winds of 69 mph
  • December 23, 1982 - Winds up to 70 mph
  • December 3, 1983 - Winds up to 75mph
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