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Tarantula Trek at Mt Diablo State Park


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Tarantula Trek - Mt Diablo State Park
Tarantulas on Mt Diablo

Getting Familiar With a Captive Tarantula Before the Trek

Photo © Ingrid Taylar

Looking for Tarantulas on Mt. Diablo

People are often surprised to learn that Mt. Diablo in Contra Costa County is home to tarantulas . . . and that during certain times of the year, one may actually experience or deliberately seek out a tarantula encounter on the mountain slopes.

Although tarantulas spend much of their time hidden in burrows, every autumn, the male tarantulas crawl from their homes in search of a mate. Mt. Diablo State Park and Lindsay Wildlife Museum both offer guided treks that take you into the tarantula's world intellectually and physically.

If you're not familiar with these beautiful spiders, you'll learn about their docile temperament and how the mythology surrounding tarantulas has painted them as more dangerous and frightening than they really are. You'll have an opportunity to identify tarantula burrows and have a few tarantula sightings along the way.

The tarantula treks are a fascinating way to enjoy these creatures in our midst, while respecting their space and their habitat.

Tarantula treks happen in late September and early October. For more information:

Mt. Diablo State Park Calendar | Lindsay Museum Calendar

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