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San Francisco Photos


1. San Francisco Walks & Hikes - Photos

Mosaic Stairs in San Francisco

Photos of self-guided walks throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area. If you came to San Francisco with the intent to just walk, you'd have days of discovery and enjoyment. Unlike hot climates where summer heat makes walking prohibitive . . . or rainy climes where duckies and mud might be the norm . . . San Francisco's weather is an ideal blend of clear days and subsequent, cooling fog.

2. San Francisco Neighborhood Photos

Photos of San Francisco neighborhoods. The districts of San Francisco imbue the city with its diverse colors, flavors and character. Although the precise delineations can be hazy, the ethnic and demographic distinctions are often vivid . . . between the Mission and the Marina, between the Outer Sunset and North Beach.

3. San Francisco Attractions & Landmarks

Photos of San Francisco Landmarks. San Francisco is studded with immediately identifiable icons, such as the Golden Gate Bridge. This picture gallery will expand to include some of the more familiar images around San Francisco, and also the lesser known attractions and places of interest around the San Francisco Bay Area.

4. San Francisco Parks & Nature Scenes

San Francisco Nature Scenes - Cairns

Photos of San Francisco parks, nature and art works. One of the benefits and joys of living in the San Francisco Bay Area is the overwhelming natural beauty. From city parks to wilderness areas outside the city -- trails, wildlife, geological landmarks are all within a short walk, ride or drive from the city.

San Francisco is also a hub of artistic exploration, which includes public and private art installations throughout the city.

5. San Francisco Event Photos

Doggie Diner Doggies at St. Stupid's Day ParadePhoto © Ingrid Taylar

Photos of San Francisco events. Street fairs, festivals and public competitions take place throughout the year in San Francisco. Some events, like Bay to Breakers, attract hundreds of thousands of participants and spectators. Others, like the St. Stupid's Day Parade or the Bring Your Own Big Wheel race, are often an accidental encounter for tourists or newcomers who don't know about these annual San Francisco traditions.

6. Bay Area Photos - Beyond SF

Lyford House at Richardson Bay Audubon in Tiburon CaliforniaPhoto © Ingrid Taylar

The photos here include attractions, events, parks, and walking tours from around the Bay Area -- beyond the city limits of San Francisco.

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