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San Francisco Attractions & Landmarks

Images of destinations around San Francisco


Click on links below for photo galleries of various San Francisco attractions.
San Francisco Ferry Building

San Francisco Ferry Building - From Embarcadero Center

Photo © Ingrid Taylar

San Francisco Attractions & Landmarks

  1. California Academy of Sciences
    New facility in Golden Gate Park, open in September 2008
  2. Christmas Lights & Decorations
  3. Golden Gate Bay Cruise
    Red & White Fleet cruise photos
  4. Golden Gate Bridge
    Photos and visitor information
  5. Mission District Murals
    Images from Clarion Alley and Balmy Alley
  6. San Francisco Ferry Building
    Photos and information
  7. San Francisco Explorer Cruise
    Red & White Fleet cruise photos
  8. San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park
    Photo gallery of San Francisco's maritime history icons
  9. San Francisco Museums
    Photo galleries and visitor information
  10. San Francisco Zoo
    Images of San Francisco Zoo animals
  11. Yerba Buena Gardens
    In the South of Market district


To submit your San Francisco Bay Area photos for consideration, upload your image(s) to the About San Francisco Flickr Group or check guidelines for e-mail submissions.

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