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Marin County Photos

Pictures taken in Marin County in California


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coastal trail in marin headlands

View From Coastal Trail - Marin Headlands

Photo © Ingrid Taylar

Marin County Photos

Marin County begins just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. To the west of the bridge are the Marin Headlands, a bounty of natural park area, wildlife habitat, trails and military history sites. To the east of the bridge lies Fort Baker and Cavallo Point which are just south of the town of Sausalito.

As with all photo galleries at this site, the Marin County photo library is constantly expanding and will grow to include diverse attractions throughout the area.

  1. Bay Area Pet Fair
    Adoption Fair and Alternative Dog Show Held at Marin Civic Center in San Rafael
  2. Cavallo Point/Fort Baker
    Sausalito - New resort at Fort Baker 2008
  3. Fort Baker to Golden Gate Bridge
    Sausalito - Walk from Fort Baker to the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge
  4. Hill 88
    Former military installation in the Marin Headlands, overlooking Rodeo Beach
  5. Las Gallinas Wildlife Ponds
    Wetlands reclamation area that's home to a number of bird species
  6. Miwok & Wolf Ridge Trails
    Marin Headlands - Hike from the Miwok Trail, across the ridge to Rodeo Beach
  7. Richardson Bay Audubon
    Tiburon - Photos of a self-guided nature trail


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