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American Coot


American Coot: Species Fulica americana
American Coot Pictures

American Coot

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American Coot Photo

The American Coot is common throughout California during all seasons. Found in fresh water and coastal bays, the American Coot has also adapted to human environments such as golf courses and parks. Coots are not ducks. They are related to rails and have lobed toes, not webbed feet, which allow for aquatic and land mobility.

Identifying characteristics:

  • Size: 12 inches | Wingspan: 25 inches
  • All black or charcoal gray
  • White bill with black dot on tip
  • Lobed toes, not webbed feet

American Coots breed in wetlands habitat, with clutches of two to twenty-two. They are plant and seed eaters.

Photo © Mike Baird


Sources: U.S. Geological Survey | Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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