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Photos of California Coastal Birds


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California Bird Photos - California Shorebirds, Seabirds and Coastal Species

The California birds in this photo gallery represent a variety of species found along the California coast and in bay estuaries. Each photo is accompanied by some information on the bird species, its range, and its physical characteristics. Birds pictured here include: herons, egrets, pelicans, and cormorants, among others.

Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area -- including all points north and south -- are rich with opportunity for viewing native and migrating species of birds throughout the year. We're in a unique position to enjoy the bounty of wildlife so close to our city amenities.

The birds of California pictured here were photographed in Morro Bay by Mike Baird.

See more of Mike's photographs at: Bairdphotos.com.

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American Coot PicturesAmerican Coot Black-Crowned Night Heron PicturesBlack-Crowned Night HeronBlack-necked Stilt California BirdsBlack-Necked StiltBlack oystercatchersBlack Oystercatchers
Brown Pelicans on San Francisco BayBrown PelicanCalifornia brown pelicans, cormorants and gullsPelicans With CormorantsDouble-Crested CormorantsDouble-Crested CormorantGreat Blue HeronGreat Blue Heron
Great EgretGreat EgretLong-Billed Curlew California BirdLong-Billed CurlewOsprey picturesOspreyRed-shouldered hawk photoRed-Shouldered Hawk
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