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Bay Area People

Profiles on local artists and proprietors, as well as famous San Franciscans and Bay Area residents.
Interview With Zach Pine
Interview with Zach Pine, Bay Area environmental and Nature Sculpture artist.
Interview With Tim Perkis
Interview with Tim Perkis, director of the film "Noisy People." Noisy People is a documentary about Bay Area experimental musicians.
Interview With Billy Savage
Interview with Billy Savage, Bay Area director of the film KLUNKERZ. KLUNKERZ documents the early days of mountain biking, as it was invented in Marin County, north of San Francisco.
San Francisco SPCA Interview
A Q&A interview with San Francisco SPCA President Jan McHugh-Smith.
Interview with the Orchid Doctor, Dennis Westler
Interview with the Orchid Doctor, Dennis Westler. Westler fields public questions about the care of orchids and is available each year at the Pacific Orchid Exposition in San Francisco.
Q&A - Peggy Li (Jewelry Designer)
Interview with Peggy Li, San Francisco-based jewelry designer whose pieces have been seen in popular television shows.
TogetherGreen Fellowship Winner Lewis Reed
Short profile of Lewis Reed, TogetherGreen Fellowship winner in the Bay Area.
10 Steve Wozniak Facts
Ten facts about Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. In February of 2009, ABC announced that Steve "Woz" Wozniak would be part of the new Dancing with the Stars lineup.
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