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Tales of the Historic City

The history of our fabled city from its origins to today, including San Francisco landmarks, icons and characters.

Bay to Breakers History
A chronology of the milestone years in Bay to Breakers' 103-year history, including when it became the world's largest footrace and when women were first officially allowed to run.

Muni, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency: We Love It, We Hate It
We San Franciscans have a love-hate relationship with Muni, our public transit system of buses, cable cars and streetcars. But the SF Municipal Transportation Agency was a pioneer when it opened in December 1912, and several exhibits and a day of free rides honor its 100th anniversary.

Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary Celebrations
Events and activities honoring the Golden Gate Bridge's 75th anniversary are scheduled throughout 2012 in the Bay Area. They include contests, films, concerts, exhibits, lectures and more.

Golden Gate Bridge Turns 75
The Golden Gate Bridge opened on May 27, 1937. Its birthday party exactly 75 years later features entertainment, history, art, music and fireworks along the San Francisco waterfront.

Golden Gate Bridge Facts and Trivia
Fun facts about the Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco - Biggest Tax Procrastinator in US
San Francisco is the most tax procrastinating city in the country, according to a recent TurboTax report.

The Nutcracker's Guide to San Francisco
San Francisco Ballet, which has a unique historical connection to The Nutcracker, has made a cool interactive magazine that's a guide to San Francisco with tie-ins to the ballet.

Glossary of SF Names & Places
A short glossary of names, places and things connected to San Francisco.

History of SF Neighborhoods
The histories of specific neighborhoods in SF.

San Francisco's Columbarium - Final Resting Place Offers Great People Watching
For a twist on people watching, go to the San Francisco Columbarium. The historic building houses mementos, photos, and favorite knick-knacks of thousands of San Franciscans, along with their cremated remains.

Women's Rights in California - Centennial of Suffrage
In a close election in 1911, California's men voted to give the franchise to women. San Francisco and other parts of the state are celebrating the centennial of women's suffrage.

Women, Rights & Suffrage - Centennial of Suffrage for Women in California
A list of San Francisco events in the fall of 2011 that mark the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage in California.

San Francisco's Legacy Bars & Restaurants
San Francisco is full of bars and restaurants that aren't exactly landmarks but are rich in history, culture and character. An architectural heritage organization is promoting them as legacies that ought to be preserved.

SF Public Library History Center
The main library's history center is a treasure trove of documents about SF history and is also the city's official archives.

Angel Island & Chinese Emigrants
Angel Island served to bar Chinese from entering the country.

San Francisco's Official Songs
Most cities work just fine with one (or none), but not San Francisco. San Francisco has two official songs.

Angel Island's Worldwide Immigrants
Angel Island is widely known as the entry point for Chinese emigrants in the early 1900s, but it also processed thousands of natives of Russia, Italy, Korea, Austria, India, Germany, Mexico and elsewhere.

The Virtual Museum of San Francisco
Explore specific topics or eras of SF's history in this online "museum."

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