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San Francisco Giants' 2014 Season - Special Spring Events

Bobbleheads, Candlestick & Jackie Robinson Tributes, Giveaways for Kids



SF Giants fans get Hunter Pence Bobbleheads on April 9, one of the special game days during the 2014 season.

Photo courtesy of San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants’ 2014 season is upon us. Fans who are into numerology are hinting that it could be a good year, since the Giants won the World Series championship in each of the past two even-numbered years, 2012 and 2010. Meanwhile, there are plenty of special events and great games during the long season, which runs from the end of March until late September. Here are some dates, plus new features at AT&T Park, to look out for during the spring of 2014. .

New at AT&T Park in 2014

  • Metal detectors: To comply with a Major League Baseball rule, everyone coming to the ballpark is to walk through a metal detector (or be checked with a handheld wand). As at airports, you are to remove keys, coins, cell phones and other metal objects from your pockets before walking through.
  • At the Ballpark smart phone applicationWith iBeacon technology newly installed throughout AT&T Park and with the official MLB ballpark app, once you arrive for a game, you can tap into special offers, upgrade your seat, check your favorite players’ walk-up songs and more.
  • Centerfield garden: An organic garden with vegetables and a sod farm is being installed in centerfield. The working garden is to be a showcase of sustainability and urban farming when it is completed in May. From there, visitors can keep up with the game by looking through peek holes in the centerfield wall. 


Special Games & Events

April 8: Giants Home Opener
In its season opener on March 31, the San Francisco Giants eked out a 9-8 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks in Phoenix. After a few more games in Phoenix and three matches in LA against the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Giants play their first game at home on April 8 at 1:35 pm—against, again, the division-rival Diamondbacks.

April 9: Hunter Pence Bobblehead
The first 40,000 fans get a Pence figurine. Unlike most baseball bobbleheads, Pence’s depicts him in street clothes (jeans, a Giant shirt and sneakers), riding a scooter. Giants vs. Diamondbacks. 

April 10: Farewell to the 'Stick Night 
The first 20,000 fans get a “The ‘Stick” scarf. You can wrap yourself in even more Candlestick Park nostalgia with a special package ($200/$250) that features a pre-game panel discussion with Roger Craig, the Giants manager from 1986 to 1992 who coined the motto "Humm Baby," 49ers Roger Craig and Brent Jones, and other Giants and 49er athletes, who’ll talk about playing at Candlestick. The package also includes a collector’s edition replica of the Candlestick stadium, a Candlestick shirt, food, beer and wine.  .

April 15: Jackie Robinson Day
In honor of Jackie Robinson's number, 42—the only number retired throughout Major League Baseball—the Giants, who are hosting the Los Angeles Dodgers, are offering two centerfield bleacher tickets for $42. A pre-game ceremony pays tribute to the baseball legend and Dodgers player. A special package ($125/$175)  offers a panel discussion about Robinson and the history of the Giants and Dodgers, plus food and drink; $25 of each ticket is donated to the Jackie Robinson Foundation.

April 25: Duane Kuiper Bobblehead
Giants vs. Cleveland Indians. Giants broadcaster Kuiper played for the Indians from 1974 to 1981, before coming to the Giants. The first 40,000 fans get his bobblehead.

April 26:  60th Anniversary of 1954 Giants
Giants vs. Indians. In 1954 the Giants—then the New York Giants—swept the Indians in four games to win the World Series. (The team moved to San Francisco in 1958). The first 30,000 fans get a replica of the 1954 World Series championship ring.

April 27: Pablo Sandoval Kids Bat
Giants vs. Indians. A Sandoval bat is given to the first 7,500 fans ages 14 & under.

May 16: Metallica Night & Tim Lincecum Orange Friday T-Shirt 
Members of the Grammy-winning band entertain, and a special-event ticket gets you a Metallica/Giants-themed inflatable guitar and a pick set. (Metallica’s James Hetfield is a huge Giants fan). The first 20,000 visitors get a Tim Lincecum t-shirt. Giants vs. Miami Marlins. 

May 18: Junior Giants Glove Drive & Buster Posey Kids T-Shirt
The annual glove drive collects baseball gloves for kids; come and donate a glove or $10 to receive a special giveaway item. A Posey t-shirt is given to the first 7,500 fans ages 10 and under. Giants vs. Marlins.

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