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Presidio National Cemetery


national cemetery presidio san francisco

National Cemetery - Presidio San Francisco

Photo © Ingrid Taylar

National Cemetery - Presidio San Francisco

The cemetery inside the Presidio is an anomaly in that most cemeteries and graves were moved out of San Francisco years ago. This cemetery, along with the old graves at Mission Dolores are two remaining graveyards in San Francisco (not including the Columbarium).

You can read more about San Francisco and Bay Area cemetery history in Famous Graves in San Francisco.

Buried here are African American Buffalo Soldiers and Major General Frederick Funston. The Presidio regularly offers historical tours of the cemetery. Check the calendar for ongoing events at the park.

On desolate, misty days, this area is also home to raptors like Red-tailed Hawks which will sometimes swoop out among the trees and graves to spectacular effect.

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