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The Oakland Zoo of today does not resemble the zoo so many of us remember in the Oakland Hills. The first time I revisited the facility, I was pleased to many enclosures with more natural habitat for the animals. These spaces replace some old-fashioned sterile exhibits of previous years.

In fact, I didn't even see some of the animals during my last visit (lions among them). The homes Oakland Zoo has created for many of its inhabitants afford animals a least some measure of privacy and innate activity.

Zoos are not perfect. The concept of captive, wild animals is often a controversial one. With existing zoos, I'm gratified when there is effort to address the animals' natural needs and well-being, in and around the complexities of our relationship to them.

Oakland Zoo
9777 Golf Links Road
Oakland, CA 94605
Tel: (510) 632-9525
Oakland Zoo Website

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flamingos at oakland zooLesser Flamingosbaby giraffe at oakland zooBaby Giraffegiraffe feeding at oakland zooGiraffe Feedingelephant at oakland zooAfrican Elephant
elephant enclosure at oakland zooElephant Enclosureoakland zooQuiet Signgriffon vulture at Oakland ZooGriffon Vulturelemur at oakland zooRing-Tailed Lemur
lemur at oakland zooLemur Having a Mealmeerkats at oakland zooSlender-Tailed Meerkatmeerkat at oakland zooSlender-Tailed Meerkat at Resttiger at oakland zooTiger
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