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Haight Ashbury Attractions - San Francisco


Victorian in Haight Ashbury

Victorian in the Haight

Photo © Ingrid Taylar

About Haight Ashbury:

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Haight Ashbury Attractions

The Haight gets its notoriety from the Summer of Love and the psychedelic and musical culture which thrived for a time in the neighborhood. Those icons -- such as the Grateful Dead house -- are there to behold.

But the Haight is also an amazing foot tour of Victorian architecture, where a turn down any residential street will provide a cross-section of architectural styles and beautifully renovated homes.

1960s Rock Musician Homes

  • Grateful Dead House - 710 Ashbury
    Where the Grateful Dead lived during the Summer of Love
    See Photo of Grateful Dead House at 710 Ashbury

  • Jefferson Airplane House - 2400 Fulton
    The band moved into the "Airplane House" in 1968

  • Janis Joplin - 122 Lyon Street
    Janis Joplin had an apartment at this location

Victorians in the Haight Ashbury Area

You need only stroll the side streets of Haight Ashbury and Cole Valley to get your aesthetic fill of Victorian homes. The architecture spans the gamut of Victorian style, from Queen Anne to Eastlake Stick. A few examples in the Haight:

The Red Victorian (B&B)
1665 Haight Street (near Cole)
Now a B&B, the Red Victorian on Haight Street was once a resort, then a hippie hangout known as the Jeffrey. Today, it's home to the Peace Cafe which hosts a variety of peace-themed events and talks.

Floyd Spreckels Mansion
737 Buena Vista Avenue (at Buena Vista Park & Frederick)
Home of the nephew of sugar baron, Claus Spreckels. Jack London is rumored to have worked here, in a top studio.

Page Street Victorians
Page Street has various examples of Victorian style, near Haight and Cole.

Alamo Square (see description below)
In addition to the Painted Ladies of Postcard Row, you'll find the neighborhood dotted with gorgeous examples of Victorian architecture.

Check out the Westerfield House (1198 Fulton, at Scott) for an example of San Francisco stick style. The Chateau Tivoli (1057 Steiner, at Golden Gate) designed by William Armitage (1892) is one of San Francisco's more elaborate restorations, now a B&B.

Haight Ashbury Museums & Tours

Flower Power Walking Tour
The Flower Power Tour takes you through the Haight Ashbury neighborhood with a view back into its history, including glimpses into the Summer of Love and the music scene of the 60s.

The tour describes itself as "60% hippy history and 40% general neighborhood history and architecture." That's a fairly accurate description. The primary tour guide, Izu, knew and hung out with musicians and luminaries of the Haight's rock hey day and she'll entertain you with her first-hand accounts. The Haight Ashbury Flower Power Walking Tour happens on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 9:30a,and also on Fridays at 11:00a ($20/person - kids 9 and under free).

Randall Museum
199 Museum Way (above the Haight and Buena Vista Park)
The Randall Museum is a children's museum and nature center, with science exhibits and live animal interactions. Like the animals at Lindsay Museum and Wildcare, the wild animals at Randall Museum cannot be returned to the wild, generally because of injuries, but serve as educational ambassadors for visitors wanting to learn more about Bay Area nature.

Haight Ashbury Parks

Golden Gate Park & the Panhandle:
Stretches from Stanyan to the Great Highway at the Pacific Ocean
Golden Gate Park is a treasure, providing green and forested sanctuary in the heart of the city. Sprung from sand dunes by the ingenious cultivation of Scotsman John McLaren. Attractions at Golden Gate Park include (among many):

Buena Vista Park
Lower boundary park is at Haight Street and Buena Vista Avenue
Up the hill from Haight Street and Central. Buena Vista Park has treed paths, tennis courts, playground, and beautiful views of the city.

Kezar Stadium
At Stanyan and Frederick, Golden Gate Park
Home to the San Francisco Dragons (a lacrosse team), Kezar Stadium was home at one time to the Oakland Raiders and to the San Francisco 49ers.

Alamo Square: With a view of the Painted Ladies Victorian homes and the San Francisco skyline, Alamo Square is a popular place to hang out with the kids or play with your dog.

Annual Festivals and Events in Haight Ashbury

Haight Ashbury Street Fair
Annual and popular June street fair for more than 30 years

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