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Financial District Guide

Guide to San Francisco's Financial District


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San Francisco Financial District

Financial District - San Francisco

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San Francisco Financial District Maps

  1. Downtown Map (with Financial District)
  2. San Francisco Street Map (with districts)

Financial District Photos

  1. Financial District Photos

Financial District Boundaries

North: Columbus/Washington
South: Market
East: Embarcadero
West: Grant Avenue

San Francisco Financial District Overview

San Francisco's Financial District is an obvious power center of banks, financial institutions, law firms, and corporate headquarters. Infused into these moneyed corridors is a rich history reaching back to the material bounty of the Gold Rush. Most of the edifices of that era were destroyed in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake although three survived -- including the Merchant's Exchange at 465 California.

San Francisco's Financial District is more diverse than its name would imply. From upscale hotels to some of the city's best restaurants -- and adjacent to Union Square and Chinatown, the Embarcadero area, Ferry Building and Jackson Square Historic District -- the Financial District is central to some of the best walking tours in San Francisco.

If you need some help navigating the public transport system in San Francisco, check out the Guide to Muni and BART.

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