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San Francisco Cable Car Map & Cable Car Routes


This map shows San Francisco cable car routes in relation to streets and popular landmarks. Map includes Powell-Hyde, Powell-Mason, and California cable cars.
San Francisco Cable Car Map and Routes

San Francisco Cable Cars - Routes & Map

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San Francisco Cable Cars - Fares

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San Francisco cable cars are part of the Muni public transport system . . . but their pricing structure is different from buses and metro:

  • Adults & Youths (5-17): $5.00 per ride (not round trip)
  • Seniors (65+ with ID): $5.00 per ride (7a to 9p) | $1.00 per ride (before 7a & after 9p)
  • Disabled riders pay the same as seniors

    Single-ride tickets are purchased on board from the conductor.

San Francisco Cable Cars - Tickets & Passes

Muni sells one-day, three-day, and seven-day Muni passes which include unlimited rides on all Muni vehicles (buses, metro, streetcars, and cable cars):

  • One-day pass: $11
  • Three-day pass: $18
  • Seven-day pass: $24

    Passes may be purchased at the Muni website or at ticket vendors in San Francisco.

Muni also offers full-day cable car passes, with unlimited cable car rides for that day. These are $10 and are purchased from the conductor.

Residents using a Muni Fast Pass must pay a $1.00 surcharge when riding the cable cars.

Purchase Cable Car Schedules & Passes:

Learn About Cable Car & Railway History:

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