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Infantry Row Barracks at Presidio San Francisco

Infantry Row at the Main Post - Presidio San Francisco

Photo © Ingrid Taylar

Presidio San Francisco - Map & Photos

  1. San Francisco Street Map (with districts)
  2. Photos - Presidio Main Post
  3. Photos - Presidio Park & Scenery
  4. Photos - Letterman Digital Arts Center
  5. Photos - Batteries to Bluffs Trail
  6. Photos - Crissy Field to Golden Gate Bridge

Presidio Resources

  1. Presidio San Francisco - Profile & History

Presidio San Francisco Boundaries

  • North: San Francisco Bay
  • South: West Pacific Avenue
  • East: Pacific Ocean
  • West: Lyon

San Francisco Presidio Overview

The Presidio is unique in that it's both a national park and a residential area. Once home to the Ohlone native peoples -- then a military installation of Spain, Mexico and then the United States -- the Presidio has undergone dramatic transitions.

In the care of the Presidio Trust, the military grounds have been and continue to be transformed into a multi-use park, with natural trails, tidal marshes, and also residential and commercial properties in restored military structures.

One of the most recent developments in the Presidio was the Letterman Digital Arts complex, completed by filmmaker George Lucas in 2005.

Future proposed sites include an art museum in the Presidio, the Walt Disney Family Museum, as well as a Presidio Lodge at the Main Post.

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