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lands end sunset

Lands End and Cliff House at Dusk - Outer Richmond - San Francisco

Photo © Ingrid Taylar

Outer Richmond Maps

  1. Outer Richmond Map
  2. Map -Outer Richmond Attractions
  3. San Francisco Street Map (with districts)

Outer Richmond Photos

  1. Outer Richmond Neighborhood Photos
  2. Lands End Trail Photos

Outer Richmond Profiles & Attractions

  1. Legion of Honor Profile
  2. Camera Obscura Profile
  3. Guide to the Lands End Trail

Outer Richmond Boundaries

  • North: Lands End / China Beach
  • South: Golden Gate Park / Fulton
  • East: Park Presidio Boulevard
  • West: Great Highway / Pacific Ocean

Richmond District Overview

Like the Sunset Neighborhood, the Richmond is also known as the "Inner Richmond" or the "Outer Richmond," with the division generally agreed to be at Park Presidio Boulvard (which becomes 19th as it crosses Golden Gate Park into the Sunset).

The Outer Richmond has a laid back, beach-town quality you'll appreciate after fighting for parking spots elsewhere in the city. Natural treasures and outdoor opportunities abound in the Outer Richmond. The Lands End Trail affords hikers on one of the most gorgeous views to the Marin Headlands and Golden Gate Bridge; the beaches (China Beach, Baker Beach...) can be blustery but scenic; both Ocean Beach and Golden Gate Park are within easy reach, and a good portion of the area has wide boulevards and relatively flat terrain for biking and walking.

The Outer Richmond is also home to history, in the form of the Legion of Honor, the Cliffhouse and the Sutro Baths.

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