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Cole Valley San Francisco

Cole Valley - San Francisco

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Haight Ashbury Boundaries

Like most neighborhoods in San Francisco, the boundaries of the Haight Ashbury area aren't sharply drawn. These are the borders recognized by the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council:

  • North: Fulton Street
  • South: 17th Street
  • East: Divisadero & Castro Streets
  • West: Arguello Blvd.

Haight Ashbury Overview

The summer of 2007 marked the 40th anniversary of Haight Ashbury's famous Summer of Love craziness. Today, the neighborhood is an eclectic hybrid of million-dollar Victorians and grungy street life. Haight Ashbury is an area that clings to its egalitarian roots yet faces the constant pressure of gentrification. Feelings are strong on either side of the issue.

The Haight is divided into the Lower Haight (Divisadero to Webster) and the Upper Haight, closer to Golden Gate Park. The proximity to the park is a huge asset of the neighborhood. Haight Street itself is home to its own set of favorite restaurants, shops, vintage outlets, and clubs. And with upscale bistros and stores growing throughout Hayes Valley and Cole Valley, the Haight is sandwiched between pockets of the hippest venues in town.

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