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San Francisco Muni and BART


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Taking BART to San Francisco or Oakland International Airports
BART at San Francisco International Airport

BART at San Francisco International Airport

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Take BART to San Francisco International Airport

Take BART to San Francisco International Airport (SFO) from San Francisco or from anywhere on the BART line.

BART to the airport is a painless form of passive commuting. The train takes you right into the SFO terminal -- much like the train systems in many European cities.

The non-stop BART line to SFO is the Pittsburg/Baypoint line. If you're not riding the Pittsburg/Baypoint line, you'll have to transfer along the way. BART recommends transferring at Balboa Station and waiting for an SFO-bound train. You can, of course, transfer at other points along the line, just be sure to check the BART map if you don't know the routes.

Take BART from San Francisco International Airport

In the airport terminal, follow signs to the BART terminal. Purchase a ticket at one of the available machines, enter the BART gates, and board the outbound train on the platform.

You may need to transfer trains, depending on your destination. Check the BART route map to navigate your proper stops.

Take BART to Oakland International

Getting to Oakland by BART isn't quite as simple as taking BART directly to the terminal, but it's not difficult, either.

  1. Take the BART train to the Oakland Coliseum station
  2. From Oakland Coliseum, catch the AirBART shuttle -- about a 15-minute ride to the terminal from the BART station. Fares are $3.00 and only exact fare or $3.00 BART ticket are accepted.

Take BART from Oakland Airport

  1. Catch AirBART at the designated platform outside of baggage claim.
  2. Pay $3.00 for the ride to Oakland Coliseum BART Station.
  3. At Coliseum BART, purchase a BART ticket and check the overhead displays for trains to your destination.
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