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San Francisco Muni and BART


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Riding BART
Boarding BART Train

Boarding the BART Train

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Entering the BART Station

Once you have your ticket, insert the ticket into the slot of the BART gate. The gate will read your ticket and then return it. Retrieve the ticket and the gate will open briefly. Move through, and the gate will close behind you.

Boarding BART Trains

BART has both subway and platform stations. Boarding trains is identical at every station.

Maps of the BART routes are posted in every BART station. Platforms have signs indicating the direction of the train on that particular platform.

Overhead electronic displays show arrival times for the next trains. The train is always indicated by its end destination, but makes all stops throughout the city.

Train doors will line up with the black painted strips you'll see along the platform.

BART Stops

Each BART car has a full system map showing routes and stops. The driver will announce the station in advance, and you will also be able to see the name of the stop as the train pulls into each station.

Exiting BART

When you exit BART, insert your ticket into the exit gate the same way you entered BART. The gate will deduct the amount of your trip.

Add fare if necessary at the ADD FARE machines you'll find just before you exit. An error message will display if you don't have enough fare on your ticket, and the gate will not open.

BART All Nighter Bus

The last BART train from San Francisco to the East Bay is around 12:30am. Check the schedule for your particular station.

If you miss the train, there's an All-Nighter bus service that leaves San Francisco every hour. There are routes to Oakland, Fremont, Berkeley and Richmond (with additional stops).

Bicycles on BART

Bikes are permitted on BART, with certain restrictions. Read the BART bike guidelines for more details.

Folding bikes are always permitted on BART, at anytime and in any car.

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