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San Francisco Muni and BART


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BART Schedules, Tickets and Fares
BART Ticket Machines

BART Ticket Machines

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BART Schedules

Start at the BART website and use the QuickPlanner for trip details.

BART Fares

BART fares are posted at BART ticket machines.

BART also has an online fare calculator.

Enter a BART station with a minimum value of $1.40 on your ticket. At the other end, you will need to add fare to boost the amount to exact fare.

There is no set amount for a BART ticket. Ticket value is determined by how much money you add. If you plan to use BART extensively, the easiest thing to do is put a larger amount on your ticket.

Note: A lost BART ticket is not replaceable, so if you're carrying a large ticket amount, treat it like cash.

Buy BART Tickets

Purchase BART tickets at ticket machines inside the station. You may use bills, coins or credit cards.

Insert your cash or card. A ticket value will appear on the screen. If you want the ticket value displayed, press the PRINT TICKET button.

If you'd like to add or subtract amounts from the ticket, use the appropriate buttons on the screen to do so before you print your ticket.

Once your ticket prints, it will emerge from a separate slot in the BART machine.

Adding Fare to an Existing Ticket

To add more fare to an existing ticket before you enter BART, slide your ticket into the designated slot, insert your money or credit card, then press the confirmation button for the new amount. The BART ticket machine will issue a brand new ticket.

Adding Fare to Meet Minimum Fare Amount

If you entered the BART station with less than a full fare, you'll need to add fare at the other end of your trip.

Before you exit BART, find ADD FARE machines close to the gates. Insert your ticket, and the machine calculates your fare. Add the amount indicated.

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