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San Francisco Muni and BART


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Muni Passes, Tickets and Fares
Muni Fast Pass

Muni Fast Pass

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Muni Fares

Basic Muni fare (for bus, metro and streetcar) is $1.50, and includes a transfer good for 90 minutes. The fare for seniors, youth, and people with disabilities is $0.50. See Muni's fare information page for more details.

If you're transferring from BART to Muni, you can obtain a transfer at an automated machine near the BART exit. This transfer is worth a 25-cent discount on the regular Muni fare. You'll pay $1.25 instead of $1.50.

Cable car fares are $5.00 for a single ride. No transfers issued. For seniors and people with disabilities, fares are $1.00 before 7:00a and after 9:00p.

Muni Fast Pass

Buy a Fast Pass online if you plan to ride Muni frequently. The pass costs $45/month ($10 for senior and youth passes).

For the current month, you can buy online between the 1st and the 7th. For the following month, buy online between the 10th and the 22nd. Five days before the end of the month, purchase the next month's pass in person at a San Francisco vendor.

Weekly Passes and Day Passports

Weekly passes are valid for one week's unlimited use on all Muni lines -- Monday to Sunday. Passes are $15 and there is $1.00 surcharge to ride the cable car. Buy online or from vendor.

Muni Passports are available for one, three or seven consecutive days of rides. See Muni online sales for price information and requirements.

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