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San Francisco Muni and BART


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Muni Maps and Trip Planners
San Francisco Muni Map

San Francisco Muni Map

Image © Ingrid Taylar

Click here for detailed version of the San Francisco Muni Map pictured above.

Find your way around San Francisco's Public Transit and Muni system.

For a list of favorite, printed city maps (and printable online maps) see San Francisco City Maps

  1. Muni Map (Metro Stops)

    Map of the metro train system in San Francisco (pictured above). Does not include bus routes.

    See the San Francisco street map for more detailed street view around the Muni stops.

  2. Muni Bus Routes

    The Muni route list has bus and metro route numbers, descriptions, and PDF versions of individual route maps.

  3. Muni Full System Map

    This is a detailed and sometimes slow-loading image. The map has all Muni routes -- train, bus and trolley. If you're looking for a simple Muni Metro map for train stops, try the first link above.

    Available online or as printed map at Muni kiosks (there's one at the Powell & Market cable car turntable) or at various booksellers.

  4. Hop Stop Muni Directions

    Type in your starting address and your destination, and Hop Stop will give you step-by-step instructions of exactly where to walk and where to catch the bus or train.

    Learn more about Hop Stop - San Francisco

  5. Google Transit Directions

    Similar to Hop Stop, but also includes areas outside of San Francisco. Using your point of origin and destination, you can get directions using Muni, BART, Caltrain and AC Transit.

  6. San Francisco 3-1-1

    San Francisco customer service line. The 311 fields general questions and also inquiries on Muni routes.

  7. 511.org

    Includes trip directions from outside of the city -- helping with BART to Muni itineraries.

Muni Changes in 2007: If you're looking at an older Muni map, be aware that some routes changed in mid 2007.

  • The #15 Third bus was retired. The #15 route is now serviced by the T-Third metro and the 9X, 9AX and 9BX buses.

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