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San Francisco Muni and BART


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San Francisco Ferries - to Marin and the East Bay
Ferry to Sausalito and San Francisco

Sausalito Ferry Departs for San Francisco

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San Francisco ferries operate from the San Francisco waterfront to Marin County, the East Bay, and to Angel Island.

San Francisco Ferries - to Sausalito & Larkspur (Marin County)

Golden Gate Transit operates San Francisco ferries to Sausalito and Larkspur -- including an SF Giants Ferry on game days.

Golden Gate Ferry Schedules:

  • Larkspur Ferry: San Francisco Ferry Building to Larkspur Terminal on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard in Marin

  • Sausalito Ferry: San Francisco Ferry Building to Sausalito Terminal (downtown Sausalito)

  • SF Giants Ferry: Larkspur Terminal to AT&T Park on game days

San Francisco Ferries - to Tiburon & Angel Island

Blue & Gold Fleet Schedules:

  • Angel Island Ferry: Travels from Pier 39 in San Francisco to Angel Island.
    For more information on this trip, see Betsy Malloy's guide to visiting Angel Island.

  • Tiburon Ferry: Departs from the San Francisco Ferry Building and Pier 41 - travels to the Tiburon Terminal
    Note: Not all ferries stop at both the Ferry Building and Pier 41. Check Tiburon Ferry Page for specifics.

Online schedules available at the Blue & Gold Fleet website

San Francisco Ferries -- to Oakland, Alameda & Vallejo

Blue & Gold Fleet Schedules:

  • Oakland & Alameda Ferries: Ferries depart from San Francisco Ferry Building and Pier 39 and travel to Oakland's Jack London Square and Alameda's waterfront
    Note: Not all ferries stop at Pier 39. Check schedule.

  • SF Giants Ferry: Departs Oakland and Alameda, taking passengers to San Francisco Giants games at AT&T Park

  • Vallejo Ferry: Departs San Francisco Ferry Building (on some routes, also Pier 39) -- and travels to Vallejo and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Tiburon to Angel Island Ferry

The Angel Island/Tiburon Ferry makes a 10-minute journey from Tiburon to Angel Island. It does not stop in San Francisco.

Besty Malloy has a guide to visiting Angel Island.

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