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San Francisco Muni and BART


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Overview of Muni and BART
Muni in San Francisco

N-Judah Muni Train

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Muni System

The Muni system is a network of metro/subways, buses, streetcars and cable cars serving the city of San Francisco.

Muni passes (daily, weekly and monthly) are valid for all forms of Muni transport, with an added surcharge for riding the cable cars. Individual Muni tickets and transfers are valid on all Muni services except cable cars.

See Muni Maps and Trip Planners for help in navigating the city-wide transit system.

BART System

The BART system (Bay Area Rapid Transit) carries commuters within the city limits, and to areas outside the city -- to the East Bay and to the Peninsula.

BART also travels directly to the terminal at San Francisco International Airport, and to an airport shuttle stop close to Oakland International Airport.

BART tickets are valid on BART only. There are no set ticket denominations. Your ticket value will depend on the dollar amount you choose to add to your ticket when you buy it at a ticket machine.

See Riding BART for more information on tickets and for helpful tips on using the BART system.

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