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Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Kits

For You and Your Family


Disaster Preparedness for You and Your Family

San Francisco Bay Area

There's no way to be adequately prepared for a natural disaster or other catastrophic emergency. But having a kit -- knowing what to do -- having a disaster and/or evacuation plan in place will go a long way toward reducing the chaos and stress of an emergency situation.

The resources below will help in putting together disaster preparedness kits for you and your family. See more tips on preparing for disaster with your pets in mind.

San Francisco & Bay Area Disaster Preparation

See the previous page for information on San Francisco and Bay Area emergency agencies and resources, including Red Cross information and pet rescue organzations.

One of the best local resources for disaster preparedness is 72Hours.org. The website has resources for everything from building an emergency kit, to how to prepare for a tsunami. You'll find general emergency information as well as specifics on what to do in an earthquake, how to shelter in place, what it means to evacuate and so on.

Making a General Disaster Preparedness Kit

Information on putting together an emergency kit for disasters or evacuation plans. The following resources offer some valuable checklists and tips for having everything you need in one place.

Packing a Disaster Evacuation Kit
What you'll need to put in your emergency supply kit - from About.com's Guide to First Aid

Make a Go Bag
For quick departures, keep this bag in your emergency kit - from 72Hours.org

FEMA's Guidelines for a Preparedness Kit
Includes basic kit information and detailed information on how to store food, water, etc

Ready.gov Emergency Kit
Guidelines from the Homeland Security preparedness website, Ready.gov

Disaster Preparedness Training & Resources

Information on how to prepare for disasters -- what you'll need to keep in terms of household supplies, and what do to if you find yourself in an emergency/disaster situation.

Bay Area Red Cross - Free Online Preparedness Training
A visual guide you can navigate online - takes you through preparing a kit and making a disaster plan

Red Cross Disaster Preparedness
A list of documents to help you with various aspects of disaster preparedness

Make a Disaster Preparedness Plan
From Homeland Security's Ready.gov website

More Disaster Preparedness Tips:

San Francisco & General Emergency Resources | Bay Area Emergency Services | Disaster Kits for Pets

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