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San Francisco Emergency and Disaster Resources


Listed here are disaster and emergency resources for San Francisco and Bay Area counties. National, California or general emergency services are listed first, followed by Bay Area and San Francisco information. Click through to Page 2 for information on disaster preparedness and how to build emergency kits.


American Red Cross
Find Your Local Chapter
Provides emergency services and relief during disasters

California Governor's Office of Emergency Services
Telephone: (916) 845-8510
Provides the latest information on wildfires and other disasters around the state

Department of Homeland Security
Operator Number: (202) 282-8000
Comment Line: (202) 282-8495
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Washington, DC 20528
Runs the ready.gov emergency preparedness site as well as posting the national threat advisory and other information

FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency
Telephone: (800) 621-FEMA
Since 2003, part of the Homeland Security Department, involved in preparedness, protection, response, recovery, and mitigation in the event of national disasters and emergencies

Animal and Pet Emergency Resources
These organizations respond to disasters around the country, providing rescue and relief services -- in addition to those services provided by local human societies.


American Red Cross Bay Area
Bay Area Reporting: (866) 272-2237 (for disaster victims in need of assistance or reporting new disaster)
Follow Up: (415) 427-8010 - Following up on a previously reported disaster
Office: (415) 427-8000
85 Second Street, 8th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
See a full listing of Bay Area Red Cross services

Bay Area Red Cross local county office numbers:

  • Alameda: (510) 595-4441
  • Contra Costa: (925) 603-7413
  • Marin: (415) 721-2372
  • San Mateo: (650) 259-1765
  • Solano: (707) 438-7059

Red Cross Bay Area offers free online disaster preparedness training or training at your workplace or community center.

San Francisco Department of Emergency Management
Telephone: (415) 558-2700
Works with emergency responders, community partners and residents to engage in comprehensive disaster planning for the City and County of San Francisco

A text alert service for San Francisco residents and businesses. You sign up for your mobile phone or device, and specify the areas for which you'd like to receive alerts.

An emergency preparedness site for San Francisco and the Bay Area. Provides information on disaster preparedness kits as well as information on what to do in the event of specific emergencies (fire, earthquake, etc.) See additional disaster preparedness links below.

San Francisco Disaster Preparedness Coalition for Animals
A coalition of San Francisco animal agencies: SF SPCA, Paws, Pets Unlimited, SF Veterinary Medical Association, Vet SOS, and Animal Care & Control. Publishes the Pet Disaster Plan and provides information and classes on disaster preparedness for animals.

San Francisco SPCA
2500-16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103-4213
Telephone: (415) 554-3000
Local San Francisco humane society for companion animals


San Francisco Chronicle: Earthquakes
Preparedness information, maps, earthquake history and other data

Earthquake Country Alliance
Southern-California based organization with earthquake and preparedness information

Office of Emergency Services - Earthquakes
What to do Before, During and After an Earthquake
Printable brochure with concise 'what to do' information

FEMA for Kids
Website explains earthquake facts to children

More Disaster Preparedness Tips:

Bay Area Emergency Services | Disaster Preparedness & Kits | Disaster Kits for Pets

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