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Fleet Week San Francisco - Blue Angels Airshow


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Fleet Week San Francisco

Fleet Week San Francisco doesn't just draw the crowds. It also brings some of the best in aerobatic aviation to our shores. In 2007, the Blue Angels performed their annual maneuvers over San Francisco Bay, along with other aerobatic teams: Patriots Jet Demonstration Team, Viper West, and Team Oracle, among others.

If you missed the airshow, watch an interactive video of the Oracle bi-plane, with commentary by pilot Sean Tucker who describes his maneuvers alongside the footage.

There are many airshow vantage points around San Francisco Bay, with spectators lining the entire waterfront, from Pier 39 to Marina Green to the Golden Gate Bridge and beyond.

Thousands attend and love the annual San Francisco performances. The Blue Angels are also a source of occasional controversy in cities where they perform. Primary complaints cited are noise level and potential safety issues.

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Marina Green - Fleet Week San FranciscoMarina Green During AirshowFleet Week San Francisco - The PatriotsPatriots Jet Demonstration TeamOracle Challenger Bi-Plane - Fleet Week San Francisco AirshowSean Tucker in the Oracle Challenger Bi-PlaneFleet Week San Francisco - Oracle Bi-PlaneOracle Challenger Plunging Toward the Bay
Blue Angels Fat Albert Transport Plane - Fleet Week San FranciscoBlue Angels Fat AlbertBlue Angels Airshow - Fleet Week San FranciscoBlue Angels Against Golden Gate BridgeBlue Angels Airshow - Fleet Week San FranciscoBlue Angels Enter San Francisco Air SpaceBlue Angels Airshow - Fleet Week San FranciscoClose-Up of Blue Angels
Blue Angels Airshow - Fleet Week San FranciscoBlue Angels Last Pass
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