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Northern California Fire Information 2008


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Yosemite Fire - 2008 Telegraph Fire
butte complex lightning fire 2008

Northern California Fires 2008 - Butte Lightning Complex Fire

Photo © Robert A. Eplett - OES California

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Yosemite Fire - 2008 Telegraph Fire / Mariposa County

Updated August 2, 2008

If you can, consider making a donation to one of the relief organizations mentioned below. If your organization is involved with Northern California fire relief efforts, please e-mail me and I'll add it to the list.

Telegraph Fire - Mariposa County

Information provided by CAL FIRE claims that more than 34,000 acres have burned so far, with the fire 90 percent contained. The cause of the fire is listed as "target shooting" near the entrance to Yosemite.

Yosemite National Park is open. All evacuation notices have been lifted.

The Telegraph fire began on July 25 in Mariposa County, at Telegraph Road and Sherlock Road (Midpines area).

The local paper, the Mariposa Gazette is also running updates on the fire, road closures, evacuations, and relief facilities.

Helping Through the Red Cross

Contact the Merced-Mariposa Chapter or the main website of the American Red Cross for information on donations.

The evacuation center is at:
Mariposa Elementary School
5044 Jones Street

Fires & Animals

The SPCA on Highway 49 closed and evacuated animals to a ranch in Ponderosa Basin. Mariposa County Animal Control is accepting animals - telephone: 209-742-4300.

See Mendocino and Trinity-Shasta fire information on the next page.

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