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Northern California Fire Information 2008


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Big Sur Fires 2008 - How to Help
northern california fires

Northern California Fires 2008

[link url=http://flickr.com/photos/californiaoes/2646891583/]Photo © Robert A. Eplett - OES Californ

This image was taken in Butte County 2008. See more Robert A Eplett images at the California OES Flickr Photostream.

Big Sur Fires 2008

Updated August 1, 2008

If you can, consider making a donation to one of the relief organizations mentioned below. If your organization is involved with Northern California fire relief efforts, please e-mail me and I'll add it to the list.

Big Sur Fire Updates

According to SurFire2008.org the Basin Complex fire is 100 percent contained, but not before burning more than 162,000 acres. Mop-up, repair of dozer lines and backhaul of equipment continues.

The Big Sur fire began in early June, so the duress of the situation is inexplicable for everyone involved. You can donate to the Red Cross (Carmel) or the Big Sur Fire Relief Fund to help.

Big Sur Fire Blogging & News

A number of local blogs covered the fires (see list below). Another good resource is the website for KUSP 88.9 (Central Coast Public Radio). The site has news, photos and links to resources.

Fires & Animals - SPCA of Monterey County

The SPCA of Monterey County rescued animals left behind, helped owners with animal rescue, and maintained an evacuation shelter for animals. The SPCA has a page devoted to the fire rescue, a slide show, and information for residents and for those who would like to donate.

Fires, Wildlife & Endangered Condors - Ventana Wildlife

Ventana Wildlife reports that they rescued their eight captive condors, but may have lost at least one of the female wild birds and a chick to this fire. They're also in need of donations.

Check out Ventana's slideshow of condor rescue, during the fire.

More information: How Fires Affect Wildlife (Video).

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