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LGBT Guide

A guide to resources and events especially for SF’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered communities.

San Francisco Pride Celebration & Parade
A guide to SF Pride 2013, San Francisco's celebration and parade of gay power and community. The June 29-30, 2013 extravaganza is the largest LGBT gathering in the U.S.

SF Pride Related Events
Besides the popular and colorful SF Pride street festival and parade on the last weekend in June, San Francisco hosts many other LGBT pride events and activities that weekend and throughout the month. Here's a guide to some of the best.

Anti-Bullying & LGBT Lessons - New California Laws in 2012
New California laws in 2012 require public schools to include LGBT communities in social studies curricula and to have clear policies against gay bullying.

Harvey Milk Day Honors Gay Rights Leader
Harvey Milk Day, recognized in California as of 2010, is May 22, the birthday of the slain San Francisco gay-rights politician.

Gay Guide to SF
A quickie guide to gay SF, from About.com's Gay & Lesbian Travel guide.

San Francisco Bay Area Celebrates Court's Gay Rights & Gay Marriage Decisions
Thousands of people flock to San Francisco's Castro area tonight to mark the Supreme Court's rulings today (June 26, 2013) on gay marriage in California and gay couples' right to federal benefits. Other Bay Area cities are also holding evening rallies and marches.

Castro District Walking Tour
Explore the epicenter of gay life in California, if not the nation.

Proposition 8: California's Fight Over Same-Sex Marriage
An overview of Prop. 8, the voter initiative at the center of the same-sex-marriage debate in California.

Gay Pioneer Harvey Milk
More than anyone else, Milk, dubbed the "Mayor of Castro," ignited the modern-day gay rights movement.

Walk, Bus, Bike to San Francisco Pride Parade and Events - Ju…
San Francisco Pride surges the last weekend of June with a huge street celebration, parade, dozens of side events and lots of traffic. Many streets are closed, and your best bet is to take public transportation.

SF Pride Related Marches & Events
Besides the SF Pride street celebration and parade on June 29-30, 2013, San Francisco hosts many other LGBT-proud events and activities around the same time, including dyke and trans marches and an LGBT film festival. Here are some of the best pride-related offerings.

San Francisco LGBT Community Center
The SF LGBT Community Center helps newcomers to SF, lobbies for gay rights, houses several related organizations and offers services including HIV testing and job counseling.

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