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Getting Around SF

Taking public transport, renting cars and other ways of navigating the streets of San Francisco.

Celebrate New Year's in San Francisco - Without Drinking & Driving
Instead of drinking and driving on New Year's in San Francisco, get home using other ways, which are both safe and free.

Walking Campaign Underfoot in San Francisco
San Francisco is the first city in the U.S. to host a Walk to Work Day, to encourage people to walk rather than drive. It's part of a movement to improve the city's walkability and pedestrian safety, which yields long-term benefits.

Muni, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency: We Love It, We Hate It
We San Franciscans have a love-hate relationship with Muni, our public transit system of buses, cable cars and streetcars. But the SF Municipal Transportation Agency was a pioneer when it opened in December 1912, and several exhibits and a day of free rides honor its 100th anniversary.

Thanksgiving Travel & Traffic in the San Francisco Bay Area
If you're traveling from or in the San Francisco Bay Area during Thanksgiving, here's what to expect and how to reduce the hassles of your trip.

Yoga Room at SFO - Open for Travelers in Terminal 2
SFO has opened the first yoga room in any airport in the world, an oasis in the bustling, bright terminal. The San Francisco International Airport is a pioneer on several other fronts, too, and has many attractions and services that you might not know about.

Public Transit: SF Muni & BART
The main public transportation networks in the city are the SF Municipal Transportation Agency's buses and streetcars and Bay Area Rapid Transit's subway.

Public Transit Trip Planner
Hop Stop guides you from here to there via SF Muni.

Don't Drive in San Francisco
San Francisco is made for walking, and one-third of its neighborhoods are even a walkers' paradise, according to a 2011 Walk Score survey. Most San Franciscans live close enough to stores, restaurants, schools and parks that they really needn't drive, the report finds.

Civic Center, Tenderloin, San Francisco Library Area Go Car-Free
The last Sunday Streets date of Summer 2011, which allows you to walk, skate and bike San Francisco, bars cars from Civic Center and the Tenderloin. The San Francisco Library, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, and local organizations and musicians are supplying activities and fun all afternoon.

Cabbing It in SF
You'll find taxis to hail on Market Street and at tourist hubs like Union Square, but elsewhere it's best to call for a cab.

Biking in SF
Maps and tips from the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

SF Cable Cars
Cable cars are one of San Francisco's most recognized icons, but riding them is not just for tourists.

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