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San Francisco City Maps


San Francisco Neighborhood Map

San Francisco Neighborhood Map

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Helpful San Francisco City Maps:

Updated June 2008

  1. Official San Francisco Muni Map

    My favorite, printed city map is the official Muni Map. The map is detailed, with all of the Muni routes (train, bus and trolley) listed in various colors.

    Use the above online version or buy the Muni map at Muni kiosks (there's one at the Powell & Market cable car turntable) and at various booksellers in town.

  2. Rand McNally's Popout Map

    A 3x5 pocket map that folds out into a decent city map, including a separate map of Golden Gate Park. It's missing some small alleys and byways, but for the most part, it will get you around town. Available from Rand McNally, at Amazon, and at some booksellers.

  3. San Francisco Bike Map & Walking Guide

    This map, available at various booksellers, shows the grades of San Francisco hills. Using this map will help you learn the flattest route from A to B. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) has a downloadable PDF of the Bike Map.

    Compare PricesSF Bike Map & Walking Guide

  4. San Francisco Neighborhood Map

    This About San Francisco online map shows an overview of San Francisco's neighborhoods and districts, with click and zoom functions for close-up street views in any portion of the map.

  5. San Francisco Street Map (with Muni Stops)

    This zoomable street map shows some of San Francisco's major Muni Metro stops with surrounding areas and streets. Click from this map to a detailed Muni Metro map which shows all of the stops on San Francisco's city train lines.

  6. San Francisco Zip Code Map

    This map shows San Francisco as delineated by zip codes.

  7. San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau Maps

    The Visitors Bureau provides online, interactive maps of San Francisco's city grid. These are detailed street maps.

  8. Mad Maps

    Mad Maps (Northern California version) produces customized route maps, created by locals, showcasing road scenic and interesting road trips around Northern California. Their Get Outta Town series features drives to Wine Country and the coast, marked with places to stop for views or food.

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