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Suisun Bay Mothball Fleet


Located just east of the Benicia-Martinez Bridge
mothball fleet suisun bay

Mothball Fleet at Suisun Bay

Photo © Ingrid Taylar

Mothball Fleet - Suisun Bay

The Mothball Fleet's presence in Suisun Bay is historic and ghostly -- and is also the source of ongoing environmental controversy.

Tons of toxins, attributed in part to flaking lead paint, have tainted the waters around the fleet. According to a recent CBS 13 report citing a lawsuit by environmentalists, toxins could be leaching throughout the waterways fed to and from Suisun Bay.

See the full CBS report and video, with information about potential plans to use Mare Island's dry docks for recycling efforts.

Visitors can tour the Mothball Fleet by boat. Check with Bay View Charters for tour prices and schedules.

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