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San Francisco transit system includesMuni, BART, Caltrain and San Francisco ferries. This section also includes maps of attractions in the San Francisco Bay Area.
iPhone Apps for San Francisco
A list of iPhone apps that pick up where the map tool stops.
Overview of San Francisco Muni and BART
Description of Muni and BART public transit in San Francisco, including maps, ticket information, and tips.
San Francisco Neighborhood Maps
Maps of San Francisco neighborhoods and attractions.
Map - San Francisco Zip Codes
Zip code map of neighborhoods in San Francisco.
Taxi Tips for San Francisco
San Francisco is touted as a walkable city, and it is. There are times, however, when a taxi is in order, and it helps to know a few SF taxi facts.
Hop Stop - San Francisco Trip Planner
Hop Stop is a public transit trip planner in San Francisco, providing door-to-door directions to any destination in the city.
Translink Card - Linking San Francisco & Bay Area Transit
Information on Translink cards which will eventually link San Francisco Muni and all Bay Area transit on one debit-style card.
San Francisco Ferry Information
Guide to San Francisco ferry lines running to Marin County, Oakland/Alameda and to Angel Island. Includes links to schedules and to terminal information.
Getting to the San Francisco Bay Area
Finding flights out of SFO and Oakland Airports.
Riding the Rails From the Capitol to the Bay
An essay describing the journey on Capitol Corridor from Sacramento to the San Francisco Bay Area. Writer Jeffrey Proske recounts his seamless ride on the Amtrak rails that connect urban San Francisco and Berkeley with historic downtown Sacramento.
Caltrain information and schedules
Golden Gate Transit
Bus, ferry and bridge information - to Marin County.
Presidio Shuttle
Information and schedules for the PresidiGo shuttle service.
Bicycle Coalition - San Francisco
Promoting a cleaner and safer environment by encouraging bicycles as transportation.
San Francisco Street Closures (SFMTA)
SFMTA's official page of current street closures.
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