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San Francisco Farmers' Markets - Bay Area Farmers' Markets


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San Francisco and Bay Area Farmers' Markets - Thursdays
Crocker Galleria Farmers Market

Farmers Market at Crocker Galleria

Photo © Ingrid Taylar

Berkeley Farmers' Markets
The Ecology Center in Berkeley has been running the Berkeley Farmers' Markets for 20 years. There are three Berkeley markets: Tuesday, Thursday and the largest on Saturday.

  • Thu: 3:00p to 7:00p
    Shattuck Avenue (at Rose Street)
    Berkeley, CA
    See market on map

Berkeley also has Tuesday and Saturday farmers' markets.

Crocker Galleria Farmers' Market
The farmers' market at Crocker Galleria is a treat if you work in the Financial District . . . or just happen upon it by accident, on your way through the Galleria on Thursday. It’s a small farmers' market, with twenty or so California Certified growers and vendors.

  • Thu: 11:00a to 3:00p
    50 Post (at Montgomery)
    San Francisco, CA 94104
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Downtown San Rafael Farmers' Market
The market has five entertainment stages in addition to more than 200 vendors of products ranging from local produce to imported crafts

  • Thu: 5:00p to 8:00p (Apr to Sep)
    4th Street - Downtown
    San Rafael, CA 94901
    See market on map

Alameda Farmers' Market

  • Thu: 4:00p to 8:00p (May to Sep)
  • Also on Tuesdays. See Tuesday Farmers' Markets for full listing.

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