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San Francisco 2008


Slow Food Nation Photos - San Francisco 2008

The public tastings kicked off on Friday, August 29 as visitors meandered through the Victory Garden at Civic Center, sampling the wares of marketplace farmers and vendors.

Slow Food Nation, created by chef Alice Waters (of Chez Panisse) celebrates the beauty and the benefits of slow food -- of eating regional produce, organic meats, whole grains breads, raw-milk cheese, bottle-fermented beer, and locally-produced honey.

The event takes place at several venues, with Taste Pavilions at Fort Mason and a Marketplace and Victory Garden at Civic Center. Additional events such as lectures and slow food hikes are scattered around the Bay Area.

These photos were taken on the first day at Civic Center Marketplace, and at the preview evening of the Taste Pavilions at Fort Mason.

Read an overview of the Slow food Nation preview on August 29 at Fort Mason.

For more event details, head to the Slow Food Nation website.

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