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Wildlife Hospitals & Rehabilitation - San Francisco Bay Area


Photo of Fox Squirrel in tree

Fox Squirrel

© Ingrid Taylar

Does the Wild Animal Actually Need Help?

When you see a baby animal alone, the first inclination is usually to rescue it. The problem with this action -- rolling up your sleeves and jumping right in -- is that some birds or wild animals who seem to be in trouble, may need no rescuing at all.

For help in deciding whether a wild animal is injured or orphaned:

  1. Injured or Orphaned Animals and Birds: What To Do
  2. Help for a Stranded Marine Mammal

If you’re unfamiliar with handling or caring for wild animals, call someone who can help. There are several excellent wildlife facilities in the Bay Area with websites full of helpful tips and information. It is illegal to keep native wild animals and birds if you're not a licensed rehabilitate.

Bay Area Wildlife Hospitals & Rehabilitation

Wildcare - San Rafael (Marin)
76 Albert Park Lane
San Rafael, CA 94901
Wild mammals, birds, raptors

  • Living With Wildlife Hotline: (415) 456-7283 (SAVE)
    Hours: 9a to 5p
  • After-Hours Wildlife Emergency Only Line: (415) 300-6359

Lindsay Wildlife Museum - Walnut Creek (East Bay)
1931 First Avenue
Walnut Creek, CA 94597
Hospital Hours: 9a to 5p (Sep - Mar) - 9a to 8p (Apr - Aug)
Wild mammals, birds, raptors, reptiles - native species only - phone with any questions
Directions to Lindsay Wildlife

  • Call for Information: (925) 935-1978

Wildlife Rescue - Palo Alto (Santa Clara)
Merged with Peninsula Humane Society
4000 Middlefield Road - Building V
Palo Alto, CA 94303
Hours: 9a to 5p (7 days a week) - Wild mammals, birds, raptors, reptiles
Map to Wildlife Rescue

  • Call for Information : (650) 494-7283 (SAVE)

Marine Mammal Center (Marin Headlands)
If you find a stranded marine mammal, phone the center with as much information as you have - 24 hours/day:

MMC Telephone: (415) 289-7325 (SEAL)
In Santa Cruz or Monterey Counties: (831) 633-6298

International Bird Rescue and Research Center
4369 Cordelia Road
Fairfield, CA 94534
Hours: 8a to 4p (7 days a week) - Operates year-round as a rescue and rehabilitation center for aquatic birds as well as birds harmed by oil spills

  • Call for Information : (707) 207-0380

For Humane Solutions to Wildlife Issues Contact:

For help when you find a wild animal/bird:

  1. Injured or Orphaned Animals and Birds: What To Do
  2. Help for a Stranded Marine Mammal


Author volunteers as a wildlife rehabilitator at Lindsay Wildlife Hospital in Walnut Creek.

Additional Sources: International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council | Wildlife International

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