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Learning Opportunities

For students of all ages, a guide to schools, academies, educational centers and classes in San Francisco.

Breast Cancer Awareness Events in San Francisco
Learn about breast cancer--particularly what you don't know about it--at film screenings and fundraisers in San Francisco during October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Summer Reading in San Francisco - SF Public Library Offers Prizes, Entertainment
San Francisco Public Library's summer reading program in 2013 entices people to read and visit the library by offering rewards, raffle prizes, suggested reading lists and lots of non-bookish entertainment.

Job Hunting Help at the San Francisco Public Library
If you're unsure about how to navigate today's job market, try starting at the San Francisco Public Library, which has all sorts of resources including resume-writing workshops, computer time earmarked for job-seekers and online video tutorials.

Obama Campaign Office in San Francisco Focuses on Tech
President Barack Obama's campaign has opened a first-of-its-kind technology field office in San Francisco. It hopes to lure the San Francisco Bay Area's many web designers, software engineers, programmers and other tech workers to volunteer for the campaign.

Black History Month in San Francisco

Black History Month in February is observed with film screenings, dance and music performances, lectures, exhibitions and sing-a-longs. Learn more about African American history and culture at these San Francisco Bay Area events.

Understanding Modern Art for Free - YBCA's Free Modern Art Education
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts wants to help those of us who are intimidated or confused by modern art. It's offering nine months of free art education so that we can better observe and understand art in our everyday lives.

Evaluating Your Child's School
What makes for a good school, according to Parenting.com.

K-12 Private Schools
Resources on K-12 private schools in SF and the Bay Area.

How to Homestead in San Francisco
San Francisco is a homestead hotbed, with its composting law, obsession with local, organic, sustainable food and organizations devoted to the homestead movement. One such group, How-to Homestead, teaches you just that, by showing videos throughout San Francisco.

K-12 Public Schools Map
A map of San Francisco K-12 public schools.

San Francisco Parks - Extracurricular Activities for All
San Francisco Parks - Extracurricular Activities for All

Colleges & Universities
A directory of four-year colleges and universities in the Bay Area.

Community Colleges & Trade Schools
Trade, two-year and other specialty colleges and institutes for adults.

Top Green Schools in US
Stanford was the only San Francisco Bay Area school to make the Sierra Club's 2010 list of ten greenest campuses in the US.

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