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Attractions Beyond San Francisco

By Barbara Koh, About.com Guide to San Francisco

Information on attractions in the Bay Area, including parks, hikes, visitor information, and photos of destinations outside of San Francisco.

  1. Bay Area Facts & Features
  2. Bay Area Nature & Wildlife
  3. Berkeley
  4. Oakland
  5. More East Bay Attractions
  1. Marin County Attractions
  2. San Mateo County Attractions
  3. Santa Clara County Attractions
  4. Northern California Travel - Farther Afield

Bay Area Facts & Features

Recent interviews, profiles, and historical information about San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Bay Area Nature & Wildlife

Natural destinations and wildlife photos from around the Bay Area. See individual regions (below) for parks and hikes in those areas.


Attractions, parks and destinations in Berkeley, California -- in the East Bay.


Attractions, parks and destinations in Oakland, California -- just south of Berkeley in the East Bay.

More East Bay Attractions

Photos and profiles of parks and hikes in the East Bay -- across the Bay Bridge from San Francisco.

Marin County Attractions

Information on attractions and parks in Marin County, just north of San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge.

San Mateo County Attractions

Attractions in San Mateo County, just south of San Francisco on the Peninsula.

Santa Clara County Attractions

Attractions in Santa Clara County, south of San Mateo County on the Peninsula.

Northern California Travel - Farther Afield

Links to information about day trips and longer journeys from the San Francisco Bay Area. Drive just hours in any direction to discover towns and realms worlds apart from San Francisco.

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