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Vesuvio - North Beach - Review

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Vesuvio in North Beach San Francisco

Vesuvio in North Beach

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The Bottom Line

Vesuvio Website

Vesuvio isn't just a place to have a drink. It's a piece of San Francisco history. A regular hang for Beat poets, Vesuvio still retains a sense of neighborhood and charm which can be a great reprieve from the wicked weekend world of trendy, velvet-rope spots.

  • Great neighborhood feel, unpretentious and friendly
  • Charming upstairs seating with view of Columbus Avenue
  • Eco-friendly/organic beer, wine and cocktails
  • 6am to 2am daily hours
  • Staircase tough for some to navigate after a few drinks
Guide Review - Vesuvio - North Beach - Review

Vesuvio Ambiance

Vesuvio beckons from its colorful corner on Columbus Avenue. The murals in Kerouac Alley are just part of the overall charm. The main bar is downstairs, with a narrow seating area that tends to get crowded. The upstairs seating area -- accessed via a steep staircase -- shelters you from the elements while providing a view of the North Beach streets below. Vesuvio is one of those comfortable niches you don't mind dragging yourself into on a Friday night when all you want is a pint or a cocktail without the frills of some of San Francisco's glitzier night spots.

Service is friendly and the crowd is diverse across the board. During one recent visit to Vesuvio, the ages ranged from a barely-21 group to couples in their 70s. The bar attracts both tourists and locals.

Vesuvio Drinks

In addition to the full-bar selection and Bohemian-inspired cocktails (The Jack Kerouac, for instance, a rum-and-tequila concoction), Vesuvio offers some organic beer, wine -- and even organic vodka and sake for your drinks.

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