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Philippine Coral Reef


California Academy of Sciences - Golden Gate Park - San Francisco
Coral Reef - California Academy of Sciences

Coral Reef - California Academy of Sciences

Photo © Ingrid Taylar

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Philippine Coral Reef Exhibit

At 200,000 gallons, this exhibit is the largest, indoor, live coral reef display in the world. Almost all (98 percent) of the coral was grown via aquaculture, cultivated in tanks. Any fish purchased were bought from collectors using sustainable methods.

Four thousand fish call this reef home. Visitors can check laminated cards posted in the display area to identify the various species.

The Philippine Coral Reef exhibit helps highlight the critical issue of globally-endangered reefs. According to the California Academy of Sciences, up to 70 percent of the world's reefs may disappear within the next 15 years due to global warming and other environmental stresses.

Reefs are among the planet's most diverse and lush ecosystems, and their survival is obviously critical from that standpoint alone. Reefs also serve a vital purpose as coastal barriers in the event of tropical storms and hurricanes.

Earlier in the year, the San Francisco Chronicle featured a video of the delicate coral-moving operation -- from Howard Street to the new Academy of Sciences building.

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