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California Academy of Sciences

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The California Academy of Sciences - San Francisco

The California Academy of Sciences was founded in 1853 as the first scientific institution in the West. Over time, it came to include an aquarium, planetarium, and various exhibit halls.

In 2003, the facility closed in preparation for a new building and new vision. Animals and exhibits were temporarily relocated to Howard Street in the South of Market area.

The new Academy, completed in 2008, is more than a structural transition. It embraces a philosophy of sustainability, and integrates that principle into the exhibits, into the building's structure and function, and in the institution's educational missions.

The photos in this gallery provide a glimpse into the new California Academy of Sciences -- open in September 2008.

California Academy of Sciences Website
55 Music Concourse Drive - See Map of Park
Golden Gate Park - San Francisco
Tel: (415) 379-8000

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california academy of sciencesCalifornia Academy of Sciences Buildingrenzo piano architectArchitect Renzo Pianocalifornia academy of sciencesPiazzaCalifornia Academy of Sciences SwampThe Swamp
albino alligator claudeAlbino Alligator Claudecalifornia academy of sciences african hallAfrican Hallafrican penguinsAfrican Penguins Posecalifornia academy of sciencesRainforest Exterior
rainforests of the worldRainforest Interiorrainforest at California Academy of SciencesRainforest DoveCalifornia Academy of SciencesAmazonian Flooded ForestCoral Reef - California Academy of SciencesPhilippine Coral Reef
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