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Sing-a-Long Movies at the Castro Theatre

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Sing-a-Long movies at the Castro Theatre give you an alternative way to enjoy campy old musicals. There aren't many places you can publicly sing along with a show without annoying everyone in the theater. Here, it's all about singing along. And the crowd participates to varying degrees, with some in full costume and others just along for the ride. If you're the least bit self-conscious about singing and vamping, you won't have on ounce of apprehension in this crowd. Or just hang out and appreciate the silliness of movie musicals in an entirely new context.

  • All ages welcome
  • Historic Castro Theatre setting
  • Diverse and fun crowd
  • $15.00/ticket adds up with groups
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How Sing-a-Long Works

The concept couldn't be more simple. Buy a ticket, show up at the Castro Theatre and sing along with the musical. Lyrics are provided on screen. If you remember the early Rocky Horror shows in the 70s -- well, not quite that. But people do show up in costume (film-related) and the rest of us can tag along in street clothes.

The group is diverse and includes all ages, persuasions and families with children. Some parents may find matinées more suitable and a little less crazy than the evening shows. Regular movie conventions apply -- i.e. popcorn and candy counter.

The Sing-a-Long Musicals

This variety of Sing-a-Long started in London with Sing-a-Long Sound of Music. It became a cinematic phenomenon and now plays at venues like the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, San Francisco's Castro Theatre, and at a private celebrity parties like the Sing-a-Long hosted by Elton John.

The Sing-a-Long musical repertoire, shown at various times throughout the year, has included:

  • Sing-a-Long Sound of Music
  • Sing-a-Long West Side Story
  • Sing-a-Long Grease
  • Sing-a-Long Wizard of Oz

Check the Castro Theatre monthly schedule for upcoming Sing-a-Long movies.

For an overview of the historic theater, read Jennifer Alpeche's profile of the Castro Theatre.

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